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If you would like to do any fund raising for Guernsey Motor Neurone please contact us before commencing. We are only to pleased to assist where we can either loaning you logo T-shirts, large banners, collecting tins and even a money spinner - if in the Bailiwick!

If you can help, please contact Mrs Chris Bligh Tel: 01481 243322
or Mrs Judy Walker  Tel: 01481 233334
Charities Fete
The front gardens of Government House were open to the public on 21 July 2018 for a grand charities fete. His Excellency Sir Ian and Lady Corder invited the Association of Guernsey Charities to host an event in the grounds, featuring a wide variety of local organisations.
The photos show our Awareness Stand with a few giveaways and some fund raising items, consisting of name the teddy, name the puppy and a lucky dip.
We had a wonderful turn-out at the Mallard Cinema for the premier of the film 'Wonder', which was held in aid of Guernsey Motor Neurone by Michelle Tulie who lost her mum to this illness earlier this year. The evening raised £311.84

Big thank you Michelle for arranging everything.

Fundraising update, November 2017
The staff at the Occupational Therapy department at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital have raised £250 for GMN (and had great fun!) at a recent cake sale.

Pictured are: Becky Gaskin, Lisa Murray, Gilly Ferbrache, Fiona Hegarty, Judy Walker (GMN publicity officer), Jo Anastacio, Paula O'Keeffe and Peter Smart.

Zoe Phelps raised a total of approximately £250.

Sales of plums in Alderney raised over £165.

The Guernsey Icelandic Trekkers raised over £3,600.

A local runner raised £1,250 competing in the Great North Run in memory of his father, who he lost to Motor Neurone.

The Guernsey Icelandic Trekkers presenting a cheque 
to GMN chairman Derek Le Boutillier and publicity officer 
Judy Walker, together with a representative from 
the Pink Ladies, who also benefitted. 

Charlotte's 'Challenge'

Charlotte Trigwell's challenge was to stand on the shoulders of her team and be tossed into the arms of another group nearby, falling gracefully into their trusted arms. Not a problem for the younger ones, but a challenge for her. This is how it all began, in Charlotte's own words:

Charlotte (in our teal GMN polo shirt) demonstrating
the start of her ‘challenge’ at a school fundraising event.
"On a cold and dreary February day over a bottle of Prosecco, our daughter Freya's cheerleading and tumble coaches convinced me that I should train to become a 'flyer' for the Rebellion Allstars cheerleading senior open squad they planned to take to a UK competition in 2018. I thought they were stark raving bonkers and the only way I could consider doing this would be to think of someone to inspire me!

I did not have to look very far, as a very dear friend and ex-colleague had encouraged me to live life to the fullest and not to care what anyone thought. This gentle giant of a man with a wicked sense of humour was hit a little over a year ago with the shocking diagnosis of motor neurone disease. It rocked his world and that of everyone around him. 

I vowed that day that I would find a way to raise money for Guernsey Motor Neurone LBG, but it would have to be something big that would take me well outside my comfort zone. Then, as if by magic, this opportunity fell into my lap - and the rest is history.

On 8 May 2017 I attended my first training session with the Rebellion Allstars Cheerleading Squad. They had me doing things I had not done since I was a child! Running (so not my thing), cartwheels, handstands and forward rolls! They also got me to stunt for the first time ever! I did this without crying like a baby and only squealed once on the way down! 

Then on the morning of 9 May 2017 it was suggested that I 'fly' in public for the first time at the Liberation Day celebrations on the Albert Pier alongside Freya and her team-mates. With only one training session behind me I got out there and did it in front of a huge crowd!

Please keep an eye on my Facebook page, which for the duration of this journey I have made public for weekly videos and pictures of the training progress. My Liberation Day stunting was captured on video and will be shared via Facebook once I have reached the £200 fundraising mark.

I have asked many friends, family and total strangers to help raise awareness and as much money as possible for Guernsey Motor Neurone by either handing donations to me or collecting sponsorship/donations using a form."

We say good luck to Charlotte and look forward to news of the 2018 UK competition!

Credit Suisse
Credit Suisse has chosen to dedicate fundraising to GMN for the year. This sort of initiative is proving to be inspirational for corporate firms and banks, helping their staff to focus and learn more about the charity they are supporting. It could encourage the staff to focus their minds out of hours too, thinking of new ideas!
Pictured - Credit Suisse staff members Gemma Pols and Jo Le Prevost handing a cheque to Derek Le Boutillier, Chairman of Guernsey Motor Neurone LBG, together with Treasurer Kevin Trebert and committee member Ken Brehaut.

Guernsey Icelandic Trekking Society
The GITS (Guernsey Icelandic Trekking Society) are RAISING MONEY for GUERNSEY MOTOR NEURONE and PINK LADIES with a two day trek to Iceland’s highest peak followed by a 15 hour climb to the summit on 12th July.

This physically and mentally challenging trek, across 14 miles of crevasse riddled plateaus of the Vatnajökull and Öræfajökull glaciers, culminates with a tough ascent to the Hvannadalshnúkur peak (a total elevation gain of more than 2000m (6,500ft)).
Zoe Phelps 
Zoe is giving up booze for a year from May 2017 to fund raise for GMN. 

You can donate to 
Guernsey Motor Neurone LBG
in respect of any of the initiatives 
on this page at:
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