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Help wanted!
Patient liaison visitors are always welcome, subject to committee approval. Do you have any spare hours?
Contact the secretary, Chris Bligh, Tel 01481 243322

We have a marvellous team who, over the years, have given invaluable help in collecting and replacing our charity boxes, but we always need more. The boxes can be found at various locations around the Bailiwick.

If you can help, contact Janet Sherwell  Tel: 01481 701287
She would love to hear from you.

Charity box team:  Judy Walker, Val Ferbrache, Mary Hodder

You can donate to Guernsey Motor Neurone LBG at


If you would like to do any fund raising for Guernsey Motor Neurone please contact us before commencing. We are only to pleased to assist where we can, either loaning you logo T-shirts, banners, collecting tins and even a money spinner - if in the Bailiwick!

If you can help, please contact Mrs Chris Bligh Tel: 01481 243322
or Judy Walker  Tel: 01481 233334  Mobile:  07781 406313
Please note if phoning from outside UK the code is: 0044 1481

Mrs Mary Hodder
Santa Rosa, Ruette des Fries, Castel, Guernsey  GY5 7PW

Mrs Chris Bligh
The Bounty, Salines Lane, L’Islet, St Sampson's, Guernsey  GY2 4FL
Tel: 01481 243322

Mr Vito Priore
Applecross, Pre de la Cotte, Castel, Guernsey  GY5 7YR
Tel:  07781 466588

Store Manager
Mr Allen Webb  
The Villa, Route Militaire, Vale, Guernsey,  GY2 4FE
Tel: 01481 243904  Mobile: 07781 143905

Assistant Store Manager
Mr Geoff Trustrum
Granite Place, Route de Carteret, Castel, Guernsey,  GY5 7YY
Tel:  01481 252866  Mobile:  07781 130799

Publicity Officer
Mrs Judy Walker
Casa Del Mar, Le Varclin, St Martin’s, Guernsey  GY4 6AL
Tel: 01481 233334   Mobile:  07781 406313

Patient Liaison and Visitor Co-ordinator
Mrs Mary Hodder
Santa Rosa, Ruette des Fries, Castel, Guernsey  GY5 7PW
Tel: 01481 255801  

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